Sauna: rules and use


  • This is a place of relaxation: help us to preserve the silence 

  • Do not wear swimwear in the sauna: synthetic fibres, at high temperatures, can irritate the skin and the intimate parts of the body, and expose you to the risk of proliferation of fungi and bacteria  

  • Try to find a balance between your body, mind and nature, enjoying the contact between your naked body and the natural elements, the contact with water, heat, snow, the view, the fire, the sun 

  • If you are uncomfortable with nudity, use our (cotton) towels, not only for hygiene purposes on the benches (for you and for others), but to cover yourself too (after the first time you will be too warm, and your modesty will disappear!) Ensure no skin touches the benches or floor directly, we are vigilant on this issue, and this rule must be followed

  • Do not wear slippers in the sauna 

  • Do not spend time in the sauna on an empty stomach, or if you are feeling too full

  • Short, intense sessions are preferable to longer, lukewarm sessions: the ideal is to spend between 10 and 15 minutes in the sauna. However, you should allow how you feel to determine the length of the session

  • If you don’t feel well, exit the sauna immediately! The sauna is good for body and spirit, but you must know and respect your own limits

  • If you lie down in the sauna, spend the final 2 minutes sitting on the bench to ensure your circulation is re-accustomed to the vertical position

  • When you exit the sauna, your body needs to re-oxygenate: go outside and take some deep breaths.

  • The cooling phase is crucial for correct balance. You can choose to use our showers, ice or Kneipp tube, in line with your personal preference. When you take a cold shower, start by wetting your arms and legs, then move on to your back and check: from the extremities to the heart. Wet your head last of all, you will avoid the risk of headaches.

  • In the cooling phase, take it easy: it should last as long as the time spent in the sauna.

  • After cooling, take a break: to allow your body to rejuvenate, the relaxation phase is important.

  • The body needs to be rehydrated. In our herbal tea corner, you’ll find all you need.

  • To avoid circulatory problems, avoid sporting activities after the sauna. A massage, on the other hand, is ideal.


Nudity and silence apply in all rooms of the spa: we prefer not to see swimwear or hear hustle and bustle.