The food


At Maso Zambo traditional (and local) food is not a goal, but a starting point: our offer is born from the desire to use local or self-produced ingredients, cooking them with the most innovative techniques. Thanks to an increased use of technology, classic recipes outdo tradition in terms of presentation, processing techniques, freshness and digestibility.

Enhancing the pleasure of food to the highest level; treating our guests like they have they are the focus of our attention, making them happy (and thus making ourselves happy too); creating a cuisine based on raw materials interpreted in a modern way. These are the foundations on which our Countryside gourmet restaurant is based.

A different place, that loves what differs. Maso Zambo offers silence, relax and privacy thanks to its secluded location (a real luxury to be enjoyed), rest and nourishment, different degrees of freedom, of caring for the body and the soul.

A pleasure for eyes, heart, and mind, thanks to the attentive care of Zambo, who in this special place has brought many pieces of his own heart: years and years of travels during which he’s collected plenty of ideas and experience.

Just imagine: you can enjoy it even in complete solitude, for as long as you want: isn’t it a fantastic idea?


Among vacuum tools and low temperature ovens, we have the Rolls-Royce of ovens, distillers and extractors, chillers and refrigerators to control the cold chain. As a result, at Maso Zambo we’ve invented a new type of cuisine: a gourmet one indeed, but from the countryside. 

Minestrone, here, tastes like real vegetables, with the sublime texture and intensity of an avantgarde dish. Using vacuum packs, we overcook the goat’s meat, so it preserves its juicy aromas and flavours: you’ll see how tender and easy to digest it will be. There’s no cheating here. The fresh pasta and the cakes, taste of very fresh eggs – collected from the henhouse only minutes earlier – or of jam made with the wild strawberries picked in the wood nearby. Or with blueberries, or blackcurrants, or who knows what we have picked from our Dispensa that day.


Seasonal vegetables from kitchen garden, aromatic herbs, courtyard animals, eggs, fresh pasta, goat’s meat depending on the season, game, entrails all cooked in the most various ways.

When possible, ingredients are produced at the Maso. If this is not the case, we find them nearby, paying an obsessive attention to quality.