Our products



Our wildflower honey, one of the typical products of our farm, has balsamic aromas, mainly from pollen of Castanea and Tilia, the chestnut trees and linden trees of Valsassina surrounding Maso Zambo. It is born once a year, in the summer, when we collect honey from the honeycombs: a sticky effort that wears us out, each time. But makes us happy too.


Our medium sized eggs, with a strictly white eggshell, are born from “Livornese” hens from our henhouse: they are particularly tasty, rich in minerals and vitamin D.


Jam. The agritourism’s jams are a blessing when it comes to preserving the large amount of fruits available when ripening reaches its peak. They change each year, depending on the season, the plants’ life cycle, the climate. Preserves. Blueberries, raspberries, plums, figs, green tomatoes, tomato centrifuge juice: a limited edition, by definition, like every countryside product.


Small fruits (especially blueberries – Duke, Blue Croop and Aurora – and raspberries; and josta, black currants, gooseberries), walnuts, seasonal vegetables.

All our products are available from the Dispensa del Ristorante. You can recognise them from the packaging, with the numbers becoming a brand: from the first born ­– Miele – we follow the order of production.