The patron

Introducing Zambo

Even as a child, pre-packaged snacks were banned. His family only shopped in the best small shops in Milan, the city where he was born and raised. So of course a man raised with such blessings had to become a food lover.

When he grew up, he nourished his love for food in all its shapes and excellences, be it mountain bitto cheese or anchovy colatura, a cut of ox from Carrù or a freshly caught perch.

For business and for pleasure, he’s travelled all around Europe – often riding his Bmw –, dining in the best starred restaurants and chatting with the chefs he found most inspiring (some even became friends).

What about the wine? He knows every corner of France and its Domaines, the best representatives of Champagne and great French wines. How he communicates with these vignerons is a mystery, since foreign languages are not his forte... Passion makes miracles.

He’s always been fascinated by the art of hospitality: so he visited the most beautiful and refined hotels in Europe, acquiring a taste for every small detail that makes a (big) difference.

Gourmand or gourmet?

There’s no doubt: Zambo is both. He’s  a gourmet, since he’s a great expert, and a gourmand as he’s a real lover of food.

Engaged and proficient, he loves to understand and delve into every wine and food aspect. When he’s in front of a dish, he doesn’t just appreciate the result, but has fun detecting all its ingredients, and the techniques used. Zambo is an informed and aware gourmet.

He’s also a great diner always in search for the best restaurants. He believes food and wine are not just a nourishment, they’re joy for the senses. Dining is an essential moment of his ideal day. Zambo is an enthusiastic and passionate gourmand.

There’s no pleasure unless you share it

This pleasure for enjoyment is what Maso Zambo is based on. He’s long had the idea of creating a place where hospitality would blend with countryside, and wellness with fine dining. And then, it came true. Wow!