Ladies and gentlemen, the patron!

Zambo is not just the Maso. “Zambo” is the patron too. This is the nickname given in high school to Stefano Zambon, a man who has lived and breathed delicacies.

A refined and passionate man, an aesthete and creative person, for years he’s enjoyed travelling around Italy and Europe feeding on starred cuisine, discovering Domaines from which he’d return with his car boot full of wine (and Champagne), sleeping in the most sophisticated and cosy hotels.

He’s brought this expertise to Maso Zambo, finally fulfilling his dream: giving life to a refined country home where he can welcome guests who, like him, appreciate beauty in all its facets.

Have you ever thought about it? Beauty makes us happy.

The patron

Even as a child, pre-packaged snacks were banned. His family only shopped in the best small shops in Milan, the city where he was born and raised.


A life choice

It was his adventurous spirit that made him take THE decision: leave his corporate life in Milan (he used to be an HR manager) and retire to what has always been his mother’s family’s favourite holiday destination: Valsassina.