The sauna

The sauna’s aroma

At Maso Zambo, saunas are enjoyed surrounded by the balsamic aroma of Swiss pine, the wood panelling the walls and spreading its anti-bacterial, relaxing and therapeutic effects through the drops of vapour.

Something to everyone’s liking

Here you can experience a real Finnish sauna: 85-90°C with 10-20% of humidity. If the temperature is too high, you can choose a bio-sauna (at 50-60°C with a humidity of 45-50%).

Suitable behaviour

You’ll enjoy a Scandinavian atmosphere: inside Maso Zambo’s sauna we follow the rules of the Nordic philosophy: no bathing suits, benches protected with towels, monastic silence.

You know why it’s best to avoid underwear? Because when temperatures are high, synthetic fibres may irritate your skin. If you’re modest, take some extra towels with you (we’ll provide them, they’re strictly made of cotton!): placed on the benches for hygiene, you’ll be able to wrap yourself in them too, if you feel more like it. And remember: in the sauna, silence is mandatory!

These rules apply to all the rooms in the spa: in other words, we really wouldn’t like to see you moving around in a bathing suit!


You’ll have a chance to participate in the daily entertainment, like the Aufguss: a jet of steam with essential oils (from the Maso, of course), with drinks and lovely snacks made at the Maso.

Cooling down

After the hot immersion, you can cool down your body with the ice from our colourful waterfall, or under the Kneipp jet of cold water, which is ideal to perfectly reactivate the circulatory system and to reinforce the immune system.

Or else, on cold winter nights, you can roll in the snow and then warm up, with a drink, by the fire of our outdoor brazier.