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Spa activities

After the sauna, you can idle about – and rest and relax, and think of nothing – on our fir wood beds, which we can also fill with grass, so you can enjoy a beneficial hay bath. 

Indeed we have dedicated a wall of the Spa to hay, playing with the scenic texture created by the grass, protected with resin.

There’s more…

You can enjoy the absolute silence guaranteed by the limited access, walk in the woods after the sauna, even barefoot, sunbathe on the solarium terrace. You can do so naked, on specific days.

You can book a sumptuous massage (relaxing, sport, lymphatic drainage) and enjoy its beneficial effects: removing toxins, purifying, hydrating the skin and making it elastic, reducing muscular tension, reactivating the lymphatic system. There’s something to everyone’s liking. And if you prefer to wrap yourself in a nourishing mud, like a mummy, you’ll be happy here.

At Maso Zambo, undressing yourself is not only possible, it’s therapeutic.