The spa

Nourishing body, soul, and spirit.

The aroma of Swiss pine fills the air, the water turns into steam, the ice is blue, hay becomes therapeutic. In the Spa at Maso Zambo everything is hot, welcoming, simply beautiful.

Entering the Spa means closing a door behind you (literally, and metaphorically), putting everything aside and focusing on your wellbeing. Take off your clothes and let the beneficial steam of a (real!) Finnish sauna embrace you. Cover yourself in ice, in a Northern thermic ritual. Relax on our beds surrounded by the aroma of hay.

Your wellbeing is our main objective.

The sauna

At Maso Zambo, saunas are enjoyed surrounded by the balsamic aroma of Swiss pine, the wood panelling the walls and spreading its anti-bacterial, relaxing and therapeutic effects through the drops of vapour.


And everything else

After the sauna, you can idle about – and rest and relax, and think of nothing – on our fir wood beds, which we can also fill with grass, so you can enjoy a beneficial hay bath. 


The Maso Recommends

Everything you need to know for an even more comfortable stay.