Plenty of sports

Imagine spending a day playing sports around the Maso and then, in the evening, coming back here like it were your home: after a sauna or a massage, there’s your table waiting for you.

Maso Zambo can be a starting point from which you can explore Valsassina and Lake Como.

Bicycle, trekking, skiing, cross country skiing, climbing, canyoning, sailing: over here, there are a thousand sports you can practice. You’ll be spoilt for choice.


Traditional and race bicycles, mountain bikes, eBikes, mtb, Cross Country, Down Hill. Valsassina offers routes for every specialty, either mixed or in the mountains, and over 27 km of cycling route from Ballabio (a 10-minute ride) to Taceno, following the valley.


Dervio is one of the best regatta fields in Italy, where you can try your hand at sailing, windsurfing and kite-surfing . It is also the location of a famous Sailing Club bearing the same name. 


Trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, iron paths, skis, snowshoes, ice waterfalls, canyoning: there are plenty of ways in which you can enjoy the mountains too, following marked routes or with an Alpine Guide – in Introbio (9 km away) there’s the Casa delle Guide with all the contact details.

Grigna, Grignetta and Resegone have been the home to many famous mountain climbers: Riccardo Cassin is from Piani dei Resinelli, Walter Bonatti first learnt to climb in Grigna.

Summer in the mountains

Some routes of Mountain Running and of the Sky Race are included in the national racing calendar: the “Giir di Mont” on the pastures of Premana, “ZacUp” on Grignone, “ResegUp” from the centre of Lecco up to the peak of Resegone, “Grignetta Vertical” from 1278 metres at Piani Resinelli to 2184 on the Grigna meridionale.

And then there’s paragliding, trial, skiroll – skis with wheels, born as a way to train in cross country skiing and now a specialty in its own right.

W le donne!

Literally, Hurray for women, is the name of the cave on the Grigna settentrionale which has become the second deepest cave in Italy, and aims to become the first one, as speleological expeditions are revealing a very complex system of galleries.

So if you want to try your hand at speleology, we have what you need.

And then, at the end of the day, you’ll really deserve a sauna.