The surrounding

Rocks, woods, art, nature. Beauty.

Water, stones, rocks, lake, woods, nature, breathing, sweat, hard work. Art, villages, villas, parish churches, castles, paintings, beauty, history. Maso Zambo is also a starting point to discover the surroundings, small jewels for real connoisseurs.

From here you can take the road to Lake Como, a lung of art and nature, with the famous noble villas overlooking it.

Or take the road to the Grigna massif, watching over the Maso. When you look above, it’s watching you, a familiar presence for the lovers of Valsassina.

Italy, with all its beauty, never disappoints.


Imagine spending a day playing sports around the Maso and then, in the evening, coming back here like it were your home: after a sauna or a massage, there’s your table waiting for you.


Landscapes, culture, nature

Nestled in the Prealpi Orobie, Lake Como offers beautiful views, small villages by the water, historic villas with spectacular gardens – the holiday destination for many famous people, in the past as well as today.