The wine list

Wine has a main role

Whether you choose a wine by the glass or from the wine list, rest assured you’ll always enjoy a good drink here. First of all, because at Zambo’s “home” (he’s the sommelier of the Maso) this had to be the case: for our patron, wine is a matter of life. So of course it’s good!

Secondly, because every label in the Wine List was chosen over years and years of research, from producers who have very high quality standards.

Finally, because at Maso Zambo wine is served with all the attention it deserves: from the temperature in the cellar to the service temperature, from opening the bottle to serving it into the right, perfect glass («I chose the best», he admits).

The Wine List

Local wines (with a blitz in other regions, here and there), selected from producers who share the same philosophy as Maso Zambo. A wide range of prices – with fair mark-ups, so you can enjoy a good drink –, and a general high-standard.

You can tell the Wine List was compiled by a real wine lover. And you can taste it, later, when drinking. It will be a nice opportunity to share ideas: Zambo is a wine man, listening to him will be a pleasure within the pleasure.

And who knows: you might decide to ask him to open one of the bottles in his Special wine list, bottles reserved for important occasions, or for people who can appreciate a Once-in-a-lifetime excellence.