The staff

Take the patron’s great passion for high quality food and fine dining, which he nurtured over a lifetime of travelling, starred restaurants, training, exchanges, feasts and friendships with some of the most famous (and brilliant) chefs in the world.

Take the long experience of Valter Finardi (aka “IL Valter”), the old owner of this corner of paradise, a cook by profession and by passion, the chef of the Italian national cross-country skiing team and a great expert of the best traditional cuisine. Trained in Mantua, he’s also a master of fresh pasta.

They make the two souls of the Maso, two ways of interpreting food that complete each other, two stories that perfectly fit one another and revolve around this place: ask them to tell their story, once you’ll be at the table.

They’re pieces of a puzzle that life joined together – for all, cooking is like their homeland of choice.