The restaurant

The pleasure of eating enhanced to the highest level.

Sitting on velvet chairs around tables set with elegant simplicity. Savouring the lightness of dishes born from local ingredients and interpreted with a gourmet take. Admiring their aesthetics, pairing them with wines that match our high-quality approach.

This is how we eat at Maso Zambo: a taste-bud spoiling experience in our “Countryside gourmet restaurant”.

The food

At Maso Zambo traditional (and local) food is not a goal, but a starting point.

Thanks to an increased use of technology, classic recipes outdo tradition in terms of approach, processing techniques, freshness and digestibility.


La dispensa

Delicacies to take away

Inside the Restaurant, you’ll also find la dispensa di Maso Zambo, a small pantry (separated by glass, and air-conditioned) where you can buy wine and products made by processing our raw materials: preserves, mason jars, jams, cheese, yogurt.

A delicious opportunity to bring home all the flavours of the Maso.

The wine list

Whether you choose a wine by the glass or from the wine list, rest assured you’ll always enjoy a good drink here. First of all, because at Zambo’s “home” (he’s the sommelier of the Maso) this had to be the case: for our patron, wine is a matter of life. So of course it’s good!


The staff

Take the patron’s great passion for high quality food and fine dining, which he nurtured over a lifetime of travelling, starred restaurants, training, exchanges, feasts and friendships with some of the most famous (and brilliant) chefs in the world.


Art at the maso

We’ve always been convinced that beauty brings happiness. This is why at the Maso’s Restaurant aesthetics are not just about food, but about what’s hanging on the walls too. We’re a small gallery outpost for the works of Giancarlo Vitali, a painter and engraver who has lived and worked on Lake Como, as well as a friend of the family of whom we’re particularly proud.

You’ll find temporary and themed exhibitions, a gift for the eyes of our guests.