Why “Maso”?

What is a maso

In the clearings in the woods of Alto Adige, a maso is a group of buildings and fields that make a farm: home, hayloft, barn, fields, clearings, pastures.

Why a maso in Valsassina?

It’s Zambo’s, the patron’s fault: South Tyrol has always been in his heart. Culture, landscapes, food, sauna, are part of his concept of leisure time and wellness (in terms of wellness, Zambo is a real enthusiast). 

“Maso” is also the perfect definition for this little, secret place, a small clearing with a house (where the patron lives), an old barn (Maso Zambo), the field, the vegetable garden, the wood.

So Maso Zambo is the first (and only) maso in Valsassina.