Oh, the animals!

Maso Zambo's ark

Goats, bees, donkeys, hens, ducks, geese… At Maso Zambo animals have something special too.

The chamois goats are for milking: they are perfect to make yogurt and cheese. 100% thoroughbred, they come from a genetic selection of Cascina Bagaggera which we are continuing at the Maso. Our ancestor is Heidi, from whom the flock comes from.

The hens have a tuft, silky feathers and feet with five toes: a precious breed from Asia, already mentioned by Marco Polo. We wanted them also to lay the white eggs of their “Livornese” cousins – the egg-laying hens par excellence, rustic and more dynamic – with whom they (peacefully) share the henhouse. The first came straight from Volterra in the boot of the family Twingo: an adventurous journey that was fully repaid with the 5-star treatment they enjoy. Their diet, inspired by Paolo Parisi, is based on mixed cereals (with no oats) and goat’s milk. From our goats, of course.

The geese descend from the ancestor, which was born in captivity from an egg kept in an incubator for a few days: that small embryo must have understood it was in a superb place, and with obstinacy the goose was born. 

We have quite a few donkeys. They were the first animals to get on board Maso Zambo’s ark. It’s fun to listen to their braying from time to time, almost a welcome greeting from the inhabitants of the farm to our guests. But do not worry: just like you, they sleep at night.

And then there’s the bees! These noble insects, queens of organisation (just think of the perfect geometry of a beehive) and thermometer of biodiversity, are also big honey producers at Maso Zambo. They live in colourful beehives, tidily distributed like buzzing multi-coloured little houses – do not worry: they are set apart, so you’ll be safe. Honey is fatigue and passion for Zambo. It’s very rich in flowers and complex, it has a soft and stringy texture, a warm colour, with balsamic scents. It’s a pleasure for our guests’ taste buds at breakfast, or on the table of friends who buy it from the Maso’s Dispensa

There’s more: ducks (a crossing of Moulard-Pekin), capons, rabbits… The ark of Maso Zambo has so many inhabitants that there are much more representatives of the animal kingdom than humans, including the guests.