The maso

Surrounded by nature, close to everything.

There’s a path in the wood, descending towards the valley – chestnut trees and shade, earth and musk, crackling sounds, leaves, silence. You must pass through nature and all its power to reach Maso Zambo. This had to be the case, given it’s a place of rural elegance that suddenly discloses itself, when the wood opens on a small hill.

With its countryside essence dressed in beauty, Maso Zambo is a (sophisticated) agritourism for which no set category would fit. It’s hard to define a place where vegetables from the kitchen garden (and animals and cheese and eggs) become exquisite cuisine, where hay is nestled in the walls, where ice is a cascade of colour, where rooms are a warm treasure chest of wood and design. 

Authentic like the countryside where it is hidden, Maso Zambo is a place to keep in your heart.

The farm

With 2 and a half hectares of land (partly with woods, the remaining part for pasture), Maso Zambo is first of all a real farm.


Our products

All our products are available from the Restaurant’s Dispensa. You can recognise them by the packaging, with the numbers becoming a brand: from the first born ­– Miele – we follow the order of production.


The vegetable garden

Farming, here at the Maso, is a heroic task: the topography, the altitude (we’re 800 metres high), the sometimes-merciless weather put us to the test. But does it matter when the earth offers such satisfying fruits? Well, perhaps the word “offer” does not give the sense of the commitment, the stubbornness and the strong will of a farmer.


Oh, the animals!

Goats, bees, donkeys, hens, ducks, geese… At Maso Zambo animals have something special too.


Why “Maso”?

It’s Zambo’s, the patron’s fault: South Tyrol has always been in his heart. Culture, landscapes, food, sauna, are part of his concept of leisure time and wellness (in terms of wellness, Zambo is a real enthusiast).