What it’s like

The place where pleasure lives

Imagine a stone house on a hill, surrounded by fields and woods. An intimate, authentic – and for this very reason – sophisticated place. This is what Maso Zambo looks like: simple and elegant, a jewel shining with endless emotions.

It’s a gem where you can forget about unnecessary frills. Where you can feel at the centre of the world – well, not the entire world, but of this enchanted (and secluded, and a little secret) place!

A different place, a place that loves uniqueness. Maso Zambo offers silence and privacy thanks to its secluded location (a real luxury for our guests to enjoy), rest and nourishment, different levels of freedom, a place where body and soul will be looked after.

Body and soul, and heart and palate become the centre of pleasure thanks to Zambo’s attentive care. The fun patron has brought many pieces of his heart here: years and years of travelling during which he acquired plenty of ideas and experience.

Think about it: you can enjoy this by yourself, for as long as you like: isn’t it a beautiful idea?

A little history

The building where the rooms, the Restaurant and the Spa are located was once a stable with a barn. It was built in 1928.

Then, for years, it was Valter’s countryside home. Here he bred animals and looked after the vegetable garden when he took some time off his restaurant in the Valley: a real refuge, in other words.

Zambo, a friend Valter’s and client of his restaurant, found out about this spot and was charmed by it: he immediately felt he had found a place for his soul, the place where his dream could come true.