Activities and services

Things you can do here

On top of licking your fingers at our countryside gourmet Restaurant or restoring yourself with a nice sauna in our Spa, we can organise plenty more things for you at the Maso.

If you come in the summer, we can go together to Lierna, on the banks of Lake Como, where La Tunina, our small motorboat, is docked: it will be a day of water and sun, amidst landscapes that will take your breath away.

If you enjoy walking, we can organise a hiking trip with a guide on the peaks of Valsassina. If you like riding, we can organise an excursion on racing bicycles, mountain bikes and e-bikes on silent roads. Or we will come with you, if that’s your wish. We’ll introduce you to the many routes in the Valley, and we’ll give you the suitable tools: we’re accurate (as well as sport lovers).

If you wish, during the seasons when we work the land, when we plant and harvest, you can participate in the activities of the vegetable garden and be charmed by the aromas of the small fruits, or the freshly picked vegetables. It’s always such a thrill to pick the fruits bestowed by the earth.

If instead you want to discover our surroundings by yourself, click here and you’ll find a list of our favourite places.